VizIoT functionality

Without limitations

If you have an IoT device and want to do filing without limitations, just connect the device to VizIoT. We provide secure storage of your data without restrictions*.

Without limitations* in respect of:

  • data-retention time;
  • transferred information per minute;
  • data import interval;
  • the number of connected devices.

* There are no limits with regard to beta testing time. With the view of securing steady operation, certain limitations may be added to the release version.


Your IoT device data are visualized by means of various widgets, which are placed on dashboards.

Due to it, one can create different sets of data for enhanced information perception.

Dashboards make it possible:

  • to visualize performance indicators;
  • to show and correct negative trends;
  • to measure efficiencies and inefficiencies;
  • to make more informed decisions based on gathered data;
  • to spot and sort out problems more efficiently.


By using VizIoT you will be able to operate your device with the help of «Switches» widget. I order to activate the above widget your device must be connected to our server via MQTT and be subscribed to the command acceptance topic.

This widget makes it possible to send a command to your device, e.g. light switching-on or switching-off command. In future, it is planned to add control capabilities by means of new widgets (scroll bar, graphic palette and automation algorithm).


If you are willing to share your device or a dashboard with other users, you can provide them with access by link sharing or post «Broad Access» in a special website section.

All the devices in the given section use public keys, which do not make it possible to change your device data or allow access to your device.

Process (under develop.)

In future, it is planned to create a tool for data processing, which will make it possible to analyse data of devices, to facilitate information perception and decision-making.

The processor is a data conversion algorithm that allows for your device data processing as a way to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in data. It also offers the possibility to estimate new information and visualize it on dashboards. The processor suggests data filtering as well as carrying out mathematical and logic operations with the data.

Introduce automation (under develop.)

Automation will allow for interaction between your devices. Flowcharting tool will be applied. The above tool will make it possible to automatize the performance of both simple and complex tasks.

For example, you can put the irrigation system into operation when the ground is dry (if the water source is available). Similarly, you can automatically switch off electric lighting and socket-outlets if your telephone is not connected to the local Wi-Fi.

Data Type Support

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If you need to solve the tasks related to monitoring indicated values, controlling remote objects, the automation of processes and operations, our team will provide you with the development and introduction of IoT device services.

We are ready to devise complex IoT-solutions based on the tasks you set. Give us a call or leave your contact details in the form below and we will help you to accomplish your tasks.


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