What is VizIoT?

VizIoT – is a free Internet of Things (IoT) platform that makes it possible to store and visualize sensor data in the cloud as well as to control devices remotely.

There are no restrictions as to the number of connected devices and the amount of transferred information per minute in our system.

We support two data acquisition protocols: MQTT and HTTP GET requests.

Among other things our platform can be used for:

  • weather monitoring, opening windows and doors;
  • monitoring electricity, water, and gas consumption;
  • monitoring green houses and farms;
  • switching electric appliances on and off (lighting, heaters, pumps etc.);
  • monitoring your server or mining farm.

Our goal is to provide you with a convenient tool for solving your monitoring and device control tasks. If you are faced with such tasks but do not have a suitable device, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to design such a device for you.


Using VizIoT you can:

  • Visualize data from devices in the form of «Dashboards».
  • Remotely control a device.
  • Analyse data for any period.
  • Give access to Dashboards and devices.
  • Carry out analysis of all transmitted measurements in «Diagnostics» section.


    At a later stage the following functions will be added:

    • Data export on “Diagnostics” page.
    • SMS, E-MAIL, TELEGRAM notifications.
    • Widget settings.
    • New widgets in dashboards:
      • Weather;
      • Monitoring movement;
      • Text messages on the device;
      • Video, audio player;
    • Report designer.
    • Creating data processing algorithms and applying them on filters and reports.
    • Geographical data processing (metering points, tracks of sensor movement).
    • Automation constructor.
    • Drawing indoor maps and plotting sensor values on them.
    • Representing indoor temperature maps.
    • Using open devices on your «Dashboards».
    • Global map based on open source data.