Dasboard — it is a tool for visualizing and analyzing information, consisting of a set of widgets for presenting data in a certain way (graphs, histograms, switches).

Dasboards allow:

  • visually present performance indicators
  • identify and correct negative trends
  • measure efficiency and inefficiency
  • make better decisions based on the collected data
  • identify and fix problems faster

The dasboard page consists of two areas. The first area is for managing (adding, editing) and switching dasboards. The second is for visualizing and managing the widgets of the selected dasboard.


The main settings are:

  • Name – used to display the device in the system.
  • Default open flag – allows you to open a dashboard when you open the «Dasboards» page. This flag can only be set on one dashboard. And if you delete a dashboard with such a flag, then the flag will be activated for the dashboard that is the first in the list.
  • Public access flag – allows anyone to open your dasboard VizIoT.
  • Public access key – generated automatically and active only when you grant access to the dashboard.
  • Description of public access – description of your public dashboard so that users can understand what is displayed on it.



In order to create a dasboard, at least one device must be added to the system. Open the «Dasboards» page if you do not have created dasboards yet, then a pop-up window will appear with a proposal to create a dashboard or click on the «Create dasboard» button.

The «Form creation dashboard» will open, give it a name and click the «Create dasboard» button if you want this dashboard to be displayed automatically, then check the box «Open this dashboard by default?» After creating the dashboard, it will automatically open and you will be prompted to add widgets.


To edit a dashboard, you need to open it or move it with the mouse in the list of dasboards, with such actions a button for editing appears. The «Form edit dashboard» will open in this form, you can change the name, specify the automatic opening of the dashboard and open access to the dasboard to other users.


To delete a dashboard, you must click on the edit button, the «Form edit dashboard» will open and at the bottom of this form there is a «Remove dashboard» button.

Public access

Public access to the panel means that you provide access to the panel and to the data of your devices (to those device parameters that are used in widgets) to everyone who has a link to this panel.

The open panel allows you to:

To open the dasboard for public access:

  1. Go to page «Dasboards».
  2. Select the desired dashboard and click on the button «edit».
  3. Will open «Form edit dashboard» and click on the «Enable» checkbox in the «Public Access» section.
  4. Also on this form, you can specify a description of public access in it, you can briefly describe what this dashboard is for, what devices it uses.
  5. Now your dashboard is public and accessible via the link (the link can be copied with a special button).
  6. If you want your dashboard to be available in the section «List of public dashboards» then check the box next to «Show in public dashboards».

All public dashboards are highlighted with a yellow line in the dashboard list.