How to start using?

To access all the features of our service, you must have a VizIoT account to do this, go «Registration». Unregistered users are only entitled to view information pages and pages with open Devices and Dashboards.


The first step is to register a personal account. Be sure to select the time zone, because if you choose the wrong time zone, the date and time will not be displayed correctly.

After correct registration, you will be automatically redirected to the «My Profile» page and the «Dashboards» and «Devices» sections will appear in the navigation menu.

On the «My Profile» page you can enter your name, change your E-mail address, time zone and password. Also on this page you can manage your Sessions, for example, if you did not log in from this IP, then you need to change the password and deactivate all sessions.

Next, you need to create devices.

Adding a device

The device is used to connect devices such as ESP8266, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Personal computer, Smartphone, etc.

To create a device, select the item in the navigation menu «Devices» -> «My devices». Since you do not have added devices yet, a dialog window will appear asking you to add a device, click «Yes», the «Form add new devices» will open.

Enter the name of the new device and select the communication protocol with the server. Currently, two protocols are supported, HTTP GET requests or MQTT broker. After adding, the page «Basic settings of the device» will open, here you can configure the parameters that the device will transmit, and find out the key and password for connection.

Dashboard creation

Dashboards are needed to visualize and group data from your devices.

A dashboard is a tool for visualizing and analyzing information, consisting of a set of widgets for presenting data in a certain way (charts, histograms, switches).

In order to create a dashboard, at least one device must be added to the system. Open the «Dashboards» page and since you do not have created dashboards yet, a dialog window will appear asking you to create a dashboard, click «Yes», the «Form creation dashboards» will open, give it a name and click the «Create dashboard» button.

Next, you need to add widgets to visualize data from the devices you added.

Adding widgets

Widgets can be used, for example, to:

  • Visualization of data from devices in:
    • charts;
    • histograms;
    • text values.
  • Groupings of similar data.
  • Groupings of dependent data from each other.
  • Remotely control the device using the "Switches" widget.

At this stage, you should already have a dashboard created. If it is alone, then it will open automatically or open the one to which you want to add a widget.

Since you do not have created widgets yet, a pop-up window will appear with a proposal to add a widget, click «Yes», the «Form add widget» will open. Further it is necessary:

  1. Give a name to the widget.
  2. Select widget type.
  3. Select data acquisition devices.
  4. Select parameters to render or control.
  5. Click «Add winget» button.

Congratulations on the system, everything is ready now all that remains is to configure your physical devices to our server. To do this, go to «Examples» and choose an example that suits you.