A special constructor has been developed to customize notifications. To set up a notification:

  1. Open «Devices», find the required device and click on the button - the device notification management will open.
  2. Click the « Add notification» button - the builder will open.
  3. Choose how to receive notifications Telegram, on the site, SMS, E-Mail.
  4. Select what type of notifications you want to receive «Parameter control» or «Loss of Communication Control»:
    • The parameter contralto allows you to monitor the parameter values.
    • Communication loss control helps to find out that the device has not been connected for a certain period of time.
  5. If you selected «Parameter control», then you need to select:
    • Which parameter do you want to control.
    • Control type:
      • if the value fell into an invalid range of values;
      • if out of range;
      • if the parameter value meets the conditions (equal, not equal, greater, less, greater than or equal, less than or equal).
    • It is also possible to notify about the decision of the parameter value by selecting the «Notify when returning to the range of values» item.

In addition to deleting and editing notifications, there are options:

  • Cloning - allows you to quickly set up similar notifications.
  • Activation / Deactivation - allows you to temporarily disable notifications.


We have created Telegram bot «VizIoTBot» which allows you to receive notifications from devices.

To link your Telegram account and account VizIoT there are 3 ways:

  1. Enter Email address and account password VizIoT - Open bot VizIoTBot press the "START or EXECUTE" button (if you entered the bot for the first time); then select the "E-mail and password" item. We send our mail indicated on the site VizIoT then the password for the account VizIoT.
  2. Follow the link - Open the VizIoTBot by clicking the button «START» (if you logged into the bot for the first time) select the item "By link". For such a link to work, you must be authorized on the site
  3. Via the button «Add Telegram account» on the website in the section «My profile» - After clicking on the button, either the WEB version of Telegram or the application will open. We press the button «START or EXECUTE». And all your Telegram account is linked.

Several Telegram accounts can be linked to one VizIoT account.