User's personal information page. On it, you can manage personal information, change your password, specify the time zone, and manage subscriptions and sessions.

Personal data
In this section you can specify or change the Username and registration E-mail address.

Change password
When you change the password, all sessions are automatically deactivated except for the current Password must be at least 6 characters and consist of Latin letters and numbers.

The time zone must be specified for the correct work with the time, since all data on the server is stored in the zero time zone (Unix Timestamp UTC+0).

Session history shows information about which devices and at what time you entered the site. If you suspect that someone has gained access to your profile, you can terminate this session or change your password at any time.

Telegram Sessions
In this section you can manage linked Telegram accounts, quickly open a bot using the «Open Telegram» button, or quickly link your Telegram account by clicking on the «Add Telegram account» button.